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Refugee Students

Teaching refugees students

Refugee students are supported by a Refugee co-ordinator, counsellors and classroom teachers who have completed the 'Teaching Refugees in my Classroom' course. This ensures that students are supported academically and reach their potential at school. Our staff have an awareness of cultural differences and are sensitive to the journey undertaken by refugees and their families.

Refugee Week

Whole school activities, excursions, inter cultural and school visits are undertaken during Refugee Week to ensure awareness of the plight of refugees and to promote an inclusive environment. Guest speakers have included ex-refugee students, authors and community members. 

Enrolment at our school

We encourage refugee students to enrol at our school and we pledge to support their academic and emotional needs.

Refugee Awareness Committee (RAC)

Refugee students are invited to join our school's refugee Awareness Committee (RAC) whose purpose is to support the transition of students with refugee experiences into Australian schools and to raise awareness in the school community of the experiences of refugees within the school and beyond.

In the RAC meetings, cultural awareness is promoted, as are the ways to use language and body language to interact with peers. Students in the RAC undertake excursions and experiences including visits to Vaucluse House, Government House and other cultural icons as a way to experience Australian culture and identity. Students participate in Harmony Day and Mutlicultural Day activities and celebrate their cultural diversity with the whole school community.